Approval Process

Why is an approval process necessary?

In order to attract the best brand advertisers and pay premium eCPMs to our partners, we need to verify that our Advertiser's ads will not appear in apps or websites that may be crude or offensive.

How long does the approval process take?

Our Network Quality Team reviews apps and sites on a daily basis. You can expect a response from Conversant within two business days.

Am I approved to go live?

To determine whether or not your app/site has been approved to go live and start generating revenue, navigate to the Sites & Apps page to view the Status of each app/site. For more information regarding statuses, visit our Approval Status page.

Where do I submit my site/app for approval?

To submit your mobile site or application for approval, visit our Submit for Approval page.

What if I don't submit my site/app for approval?

If you do not submit your site or app for approval, you will only be served Public Service Announcement(PSA) ads which DO NOT generate any revenue. To receive paid, live ads and begin generating revenue, submit your app or website to be reviewed by our Network Quality Team. Visit our Content Guidelines page to review our network's restrictions. Unapproved applications will only serve PSA ads and will not generate any revenue. To learn more about PSA ads and what they look like, visit our PSA Advertisements page.

IMPORTANT: To receive live, paid ads, you must submit your app or site for approval.