Content Guidelines

Conversant Media Content Guidelines

Conversant's reasonable determination of whether a website or application violates these Content Guidelines will be final and binding.

Publisher shall not submit or later modify its websites and/or applications to include and/or promote any of the following types of content:

  • Produce, provide or link to:
    • adult content
    • sexual content
    • profane content
    • illegal drugs or related content
    • hate speech or hate graphics content
    • anime content
  • Engage in, promote or facilitate illegal or legally questionable activities such as pirating, hacking, spamming and infecting
  • Are hosted by a free service, are personal home pages, provide free URL redirection, or do not own the domain they are under
  • Are under construction
  • Sponsor "incentivized clicks," or "pay-to-surf" programs, or use resident desktop objects such as bars and window frames
  • Use timed banner rotation or other "auto-loading" methods
  • Consist mostly of forums (chat, message boards, etc.)
  • Have more than two 468x60 banners per page, or an excessive amount of advertising in general (online websites only)
  • Distribute or promote spyware
  • Contain non-English web pages
  • Generate less than 3,000 page views per month (online websites only)
    • Please note, this is only a minimum and does not guarantee site approval. Our reviewers must also be able to independently verify traffic geos and/or signatures using third party traffic verification tools.
  • Does not contain a privacy policy with an opt-out link (online websites only)

Ad Placement Requirements (websites only)

  • Banner, Leaderboard, Skyscraper, and Wide Skyscraper creatives must be placed within 600 pixels of the top of the Webpage (above the page scroll/fold).
  • Advertising can only be placed on approved root URLs.
  • Only one Conversant Media ad code per format, per page view.

Ad Limites per Page (websites only)

  • You may place one of each ad format on each page of your site. Please note that if you are using the 728/468 or 120/600 combo code on a page you may not place the standard 468x60 banner or 120x600 banner on the same page in addition.
  • All ad formats must be placed within the first 600 pixels or 'above the fold' on your site. However, you may place both rectangle formats below the fold only if they are integrated directly into your content and/or articles - you cannot simply place the ad at the bottom of the page.
  • No ads may be "stacked" or place on top of one another so that more than two ads are next to each other.
  • You may not place banners, leaderboards, skyscrapers, wide skyscrapers, medium rectangles, 180x150 rectangles, or half page ads on any forum, chat or message board areas of your website. Doing so can result in the cancellation of your account. However, you are welcome to place Conversant Media in-views and interstitials in these areas because they are frequency capped. Banners and other in-page ad formats perform poorly on forums due to users cycling through many pages/messages within a short amount of time.