MoPub Server-to-Server

MoPub/Conversant Setup

Conversant is now available through the MoPub platform via a direct server-to-server integration. With this option, it is not necessary to integrate the Conversant SDK within your app as the direct server connection will feed directly through the MoPub SDK. Below is a step-by-step guide for setting up the Conversant network within MoPub dashboard.

Existing Publishers

For publishers already accessing Conversant demand through MoPub mediation, you can obtain your site IDs from the Publisher Portal. For assistance, contact or your direct Media Development Representative at Conversant. The site id is used in place of the app id used within your MoPub account setup. Please follow the instructions below on how to update your Conversant connection.


There are various requirements necessary to integrate Conversant with the MoPub mediation layer:

  • Conversant Developer Account: This account is initially configured when signing up with Conversant. Once created, it will be necessary to register an app under the Publisher Portal. To get started with Conversant, sign up here.
  • Conversant Reporting API Account: This account is separate from your Conversant Developer Account as it is used to access Conversant reporting numbers through the MoPub dashboard. This account can only be configured through a request to the Conversant Publisher Support Team. If you do not have this account configured, please contact and we will provision one for you.
  • Conversant Approved Site ID: These Site IDs are created in the Conversant Publisher Portal for every application. These will be 5-6 digit integers.
  • Conversant Approved Placement ID: A placement id for each individual ad size in the app. These will be 32 character alphanumeric strings. Please email the Conversant Publisher Support Team with the subject line 'S2S Placement IDs' to obtain your placement IDs. Or if applicable, contact your assigned Media Development Representative at Conversant. 
  • MoPub Account: To sign up for a MoPub account, visit their signup page here.
  • MoPub Ad Unit: These ad units can be configured under your MoPub account for each ad size in each individual app you wish to configure. Follow the instructions provided here by MoPub.

MoPub Setup Guide

  1. Navigate to the Conversant Media Network page in the MoPub dashboard here. ( Note: Please be sure to select the "Conversant Media" network option and not the "Conversant Media (Greystripe) option if you see both available.)

  2. Enter the Conversant Reporting API Account into the Revenue Reporting Section (choose Enable). If you do not have a Reporting API account yet, you can “Disable" Revenue Reporting for now.
    Set Up Reporting

  3. Choose the App and paste the 5 or 6 digit Conversant provided site ID into the Application ID field. Paste the corresponding Conversant provided placement IDs into the Placement ID field.
    Conversant - Set Up ID

  4. Set up advanced settings if necessary.

  5. Navigate to the Segments and Line Items tab on the Conversant Media Network Page in order to edit or create a new segment.
    Conversant Media Network Page

  6. Before proceeding, clear out the filter which only shows running Ad Units.
    Ad Units

  7. For your app, expand each Ad Unit to set an eCPM. Please work with your Conversant Account Manager to determine a "Go Live" relative eCPM.
    eCPM - Go Live

  8. When the Conversant Media Network has been enabled for all desired apps, be sure to select the associated checkbox.
    Conversant Media - Checkbox

  9. Click "Play" to enable. There should now be a green play icon next to the Conversant Media Network.
    Click Play