Header Bidding

Header Bidding is an integration on the Publisher's page that exposes each impression to programmatic demand before calling the Publisher's ad server. By letting multiple demand sources bid on the same inventory at the same time, publishers increase their yield and make more money. Ultimately, this replaces the traditional "Waterfall" approach.

Advantages to Publisher

  • Increase Revenue as impressions are not wasted in a waterfall passback method
  • Better Yield Management due to receiving the highest rate for your inventory
  • Publisher has full control over their inventory and how it is being monetized
  • No longer a need for passback/default tags with the pre-bid method of Header Bidding


Prebid Mobile

Header Bidding API



SSAPI (Server to Server application program interface) is our scalable, lightweight API integration that allows multiple apps and SDK versions to access our demand directly. This integration can be used to request Conversant ads in-app on iOS and Android, but it does not support other mobile operating systems, such as Windows Mobile or Blackberry OS. SSAPI comes with both Lite and Full integration options that are available for our publishers to choose from, which are both ideal for server-to-server mediation.

What are the benefits of integrating SSAPI Full?

  • Increased visibility and control that publishers have on their delivery
  • Uses the HTTP POST request method - It will not accept requests using GET, PUT, or DELETE

What are the benefits of integrating SSAPI Lite?

  • SSAPI lite is a quicker integration than SSAPI full
  • Uses the HTTP GET request method - Other request methods such as HTTP POST are not supported

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Direct Tag

Direct tags can easily be added into your current ad server stack. Increase demand and monetize more of your display, mobile and video inventory. These javascript tags can be placed directly within a site’s HTML or served from an ad management solution such as DFP. Publishers also have the ability (and are highly recommended) to implement a redirect or default tag of their choice that will be called when Conversant does not have an ad for a particular ad impression opportunity.

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