Floor Prices (eCPM Floors)

Yield Management Tool

  • The Yield Management tool allows Publishers to set up desired floors in order to hit their eCPM and/or fill rate.
  • It can be accessed by logging in to your Publisher UI account, clicking on the “sites & apps” tab at the top, and then selecting “Yield Management” on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Once selected, you will see the below page where you can begin setting up your floors:

Floor Price

  • First, select the site you wish to set up a floor on.
  • Next, make sure you select the correct ad type (i.e Medium Rectangle, 728/468 Banner, 160x120 Skyscraper).
  • From here you have a couple options for which Floor type you want to set:

Manual Floor : With this option you set a base Floor eCPM and only campaigns paying above that rate will serve (screenshot below)

Manual Floor

Dynamic Floor : With this option there is much more flexibility when it comes to accessing our campaigns, with higher fill rates and eCPMs experienced by our Publishers. You have the option to choose a goal eCPM or FIll Rate and the tool will use those numbers to maximize revenue (screenshot below).

Dynamic Floor

  • You will be required to input your eCPM goal or fill rate and a minimum eCPM (see screenshot above).
  • Once your goal and minimum #s our set you need to select the "projection" button. This will run a weeks worth of past impression data to determine what your month end numbers will be (screenshot below).

Floor Projection

  • The final step is clicking the "submit" button which will take your floors live. They will now appear in the top half of the page and can be clicked on to edit/remove at any time (screenshot below).

Floors Live