Media Manager

  • The Media Manager is a highly beneficial tool for Publishers when it comes to viewing the campaigns available for them to serve.
  • From this page you can filter to see specific campaigns, the geography's they are serving, the eCPM they pay out at, and the specific ad size they are running on (screenshot below)

Media Manager

Along the sidebar of the page you will see several different ways to filter and manipulate the page:

Site Options

This section is the most beneficial for Publishers. It allows the Publisher to filter the Media Manager by specific site/app and ad format.

  • Site/app (For when you have multiple properties running on our network under the same Publisher Account)
  • Supply Type (Desktop, Mobile, In-app)
  • Media Type (Banner, Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle, Video, Fullscreen Interstitial)
  • Size (728x90, 468x60, 160x600, 300x250 etc.)

Media Manager - Site Options

The above filters are all things the Publisher will need to pay attention to in order to pull up the correct property they are searching for.

Campaign Details

This section allows Publishers to filter the Media Manager by a specific Advertiser.

  • Campaign Name (This is how our Advertisers creative is labeled in the Media Manager)
  • Advertiser Name (The specific Company behind a specific campaign)
  • Campaign Category (The specific subject matter a campaign falls under i.e Arts & Entertainment, Automotive, Health and Fitness etc.)
  • Geo Targeting (The region/country the campaign is targeting)
  • Type (The payout method of each campaign i,e CPM or CPC)
  • Start Date (When the campaign began)

Media Manager - Campaign Details


This section allows Publishers to filter the Media Manager by the performance of any particular campaign.

  • Interval (Options to see data by current month to date or by the past 90 days)
  • Impressions (Options to see campaigns serving a specified amount of impressions)
  • Clicks (Options to see campaigns that were clicked on a specified amount of time by users)
  • CTR (Options to see the Click Through Rate of campaigns by specified %)
  • eCPM (Options to see campaigns paying at specified rate)
  • Earnings (Options to see campaigns that have earned a specified amount of $)

Media Manager - Statistics

Status and Filters

This section allows Publishers to filter the Media Manager by campaign status and filters the Publisher has in place on the "Filters" tab.

  • On/Off (Whether or not a campaign is currently live or not)
  • Status (Options to see if campaign is currently available, paused or upcoming)
  • Flags (Options to see campaigns based off the current filters you have in place within your Publisher UI)

Media Manager - Status and Filters

Displayed Columns

This section is where you can manipulate the layout of the Media Manager. It allows Publishers to select/deselect the columns that display on the page.

Media Manager - Displayed Columns


This section gives some useful definitions and explanations of the Media Manger page and its functions

Media Manager - Help


This is where you can see the look of a specific campaign. Once you have selected a campaign in the table, it will give you a look at the actual creative and how it is going to display on your site/app. (Not all campaigns will show a preview when selected but they will still display properly on your page)

Media Manager - Preview