Step 2: Register

Register your Sites and Apps

To register additional sites/apps, visit the Publisher Portal and enter the required information to receive individually assigned IDs. If your site or app is already registered in the Publisher Portal, skip to Step 3: Integrate

Steps to Register

1 Navigate to the Sites and Apps tab on the top menu bar

Sites Apps

2 In the Add a new Site/App section, first choose either Site or App from the drop down menu

Site App Properties

3 Enter the required information in the designated fields for your new Site or App Submission

  • Websites are required to have a site URL.
  • Mobile Apps should have a corresponding Storefront URL for either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • For Apps please include the App Bundle ID in the “App Description” Field. All Apps are provided a unique Bundle ID by the Storefront provider (Bundle ID Example: