Technical FAQ

General FAQ

Can Conversant help me test my app or site to make sure it is working correctly before it goes live for users?

We provide limited assistance for publishers who are having issues with their integration. We strongly recommend that you read our a Business Info page and visit the Infocenter page in the Publisher UI before contacting us for help. If you still have any questions or concerns, please submit them through our Support page and we will respond accordingly.

What should I do if I think I've found a bug?

If you ever notice a bug in one of our products, please submit it through our Support page immediately and we will work to resolve the issue ASAP. Be as specific as possible to help us recreate the issue and create a fix if necessary.


How big is the Conversant SDK?

iPhone build: 291 KB

iPad build: 299 KB

iOS Universal build: 581 KB

Android build: 50 KB.

Does Conversant need to approve my app?

Yes. In order to attract the best brands, we need to verify that ads will not appear in apps or on sites that may be crude or offensive. When you first go live with Conversant, you will receive lower value ads or low fill rates until you are approved. We review released apps and sites on a weekly basis. Visit our Approval page to learn more. However, if you can provide us with the URL for your site, a link to your app on iTunes or the Android Marketplace, this can speed up the review process.

How does Conversant ensure none of its ads will create technical issues like crashes?

We do our best to ensure ad compatibility for our end users. This starts with you! We strongly recommend testing your integration following our test procedures and using live ads. Additionally, we recommend you perform tests directly on devices. If you receive user complaints related to ad display, please report them to us ASAP and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

How often does Conversant release a new SDK?

Greystripe generally releases a new version of the SDK once a quarter. As a registered developer, you will receive updates when we make any big releases or improvements.

Why should I update the SDK version in my app?

Each time we make an update to our SDK, we are optimizing its performance and adding cool new features that will allow us to run even more premium content advertisements. This means higher value campaigns, and more of them. For this reason, it is crucial that you update your app with the latest version of our SDK in order to optimize network performance.

If I have ideas about how Conversant could improve their SDK, whom do I tell?

We welcome and encourage feedback from our publishers. After all, you are the people who are regularly working with our product and testing its functionality. If you have any brilliant or helpful ideas for us, we want to hear them! Visit our Support page and let the Conversant Publisher Support Team know what you've come up with!

Can I use the same Conversant App ID for all of my apps?

No. We assign a unique Conversant App ID to each of your applications to ensure that you are able to track data and performance (including revenue) by application.

Does Conversant support third party development tools?

We do not currently support any third party development tools for iPhone apps. If you are using one of these tools and interested in working with us, please email us through our Support page and tell us which tool you are using.

Is Conversant compatible with game engines like Torque or Unity3D?

For Unity, you may need a "no thumb" build of our SDK. To access this build, please visit our GitHub page where you will find the file located here. For Torque, check out this thread on the Torque message boards for one developers approach to using us in Torque.