Step 4: Test

Testing your integration

1 Plug in the Conversant Test ID

  • Conversant provides Test IDs for iOS, Android, and Mobile Web that produce Conversant themed ads to easily identify properly integrated code.

2 Verify Conversant themed ads

  • If you have plugged in the appropriate Test ID within your code and are still not receiving Conversant themed ads, revisit our Integrate section to review the documentation. For app integrations, examine our Demo App code to see an example of how to appropriately integrate our SDK. For mobile web integrations, examine our Ad Tag Examples page to see an example of how to appropriately integrate our JS Ad Tags.

3 Swap in live, registered App/Site ID

  • After Conversant themed ads have been confirmed, swap in your live, registered App/Site ID. To locate this specific ID, follow the steps provided here.

IMPORTANT: Live ads may not serve due to geographical location, frequency capping or pending approval. This does not immediately translate to an integration issue. Don't worry! If Conversant themed ads serve, your technical integration is a success and you are ready to swap in your live ID!