Testing Mobile Web

Mobile Web Integration Testing

In order to test the integration of our mobile web ad tag within your site, Conversant provides a Test Site ID for use in place of your live, assigned Site ID. When the Test Site ID is plugged into a correctly integrated ad tag, Conversant themed ads will begin to be displayed. This will verify the proper integration of the Conversant ad tag within the site.

Test Site ID: 74740

IMPORTANT: You will not receive any revenue from Conversant themed Test Ads. Remember to swap your live, assigned Site ID back into the SDK once integration has been validated!

Once the Test Site ID is plugged in, you will begin to see Conversant themed ads similar to the ads shown below.

Mobile Test Ad 1 Mobile Test Ad 2

NOTE: In order to view mobile web ads through your desktop browser, it is required that your spoof User Agent to reflect a mobile device as shown here.