Testing SDKs

SDK Integration Testing

In order to test your Conversant SDK integration, it will be necessary to utilize the Conversant Test App ID designated strictly for publisher testing purposes. When this Test App ID is plugged into a correctly configured Conversant SDK, your application will begin to display Conversant themed ads.

NOTE: The Test App ID is configured to deliver Conversant themed ads upon every request, regardless of your location. This varies from your live, assigned App ID serving regular ads as location, frequency capping and other factors affect the delivery of ads.

iOS Test App ID: 51d7ee3c-95fd-48d5-b648-c915209a00a5

Android Test App ID: fe50c66d-43ca-455f-9144-a11085bdbbe5

IMPORTANT: You will not receive any revenue or record any impressions from Conversant themed Test Ads. Remember to swap your live, assigned App ID back into the SDK once integration has been validated!

Once the Test App ID is plugged in, you will begin to see Conversant themed ads similar to the ads shown below.

Mobile Test Ad 1 Mobile Test Ad 2