Step 5: Verify

Am I ready to go live?

  • To determine if you are ready to go live with Conversant, review your site/app Approval Status through the Publisher Portal as seen below

Step Verify


  • Active – Congratulations! Your site or app met our Content Guidelines and is approved to participate in paid ad campaigns.
  • Pending – Your site or app is in the queue for our team to review.
  • Testing - Only unpaid Public Service Announcements (PSA) ads will serve because you did not submit a Storefront URL for your app. You will not receive any revenue or record any impressions from PSA ads! Please follow our Approval Process in order to go live with Conversant.
  • Denied – Your site or app submission was denied and won’t be activated. Reasons for site and application rejections can vary. Review our Content Guidelines for further information regarding restrictions.
  • Disabled - Your app has been internally shut down and will not receive paid ad campaigns.

For more information regarding our app/site approval, visit our Approval Process page.