Web Ad Code

Publishers can monetize their desktop or mobile website inventory with Conversant’s “Ad Code” javascript tags. These tags can be placed directly within a site’s HTML or served from an ad management solution such as DFP. Publishers also have the ability (and highly recommended) to implement a redirect or default tag of their choice that will be called when Conversant does not have an ad for a particular ad impression opportunity (for more information on default tags please see our Site Defaults reference page).

Getting Ad Code:

  1. Navigate to the Ad Code page of your Conversant Publisher Account

  2. Select your Site(s) that you're interested in under the Sites field. You can generate ad code for more than one site at a time

  3. Select the Ad Type(s). Conversant recommends that you use the 728/468 Banner Combo Code, 160/120 Skyscraper Combo Code, and Medium Rectangle because these are the most popular ad formats with our advertisers. To more quickly select these options chose Recommended from the Ad Types field

  4. Select the options presented under the Code Format filed to specify which tags you want to retrieve

    • Optionally, select the Generate secure (HTTPS) version of ad code if you're interested in using secure tags.
  5. Press the Generate Ad Code button and the resulting javascript ad tags will be presented on the right side of the page within the Ad Code generator field. Copy and Paste Your Ad Code into the HTML for your web pages or place in your ad server

Important: Conversant ad tags need to be presented within the first 500 pixels of the top of your page. Use the same ad code on as many pages as you like, but only one ad of each size and no more than three media types can appear per page view. In order for you to receive credit for the impression or click, the ad code must reside on pages with your approved URL.

Web Ad Code